Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please stop by, the toilet is clean!

Yes, this is my post for today, the toilet is clean! Yesterday one of my most awesome friends showed up from out of town. I was so happy to see her! She had not been to our house since we moved. Of course she got "the tour" and then at one point she had to use our bathroom. This is my disclaimer as she walked to the bathroom, "I know it already smells like pee, I'm sorry!" She, being the polite, awesome, wonderful person that she is, just laughed and then had to unfortunately use our pee smelling bathroom. Thus the excitement of having a now clean bathroom. I have a 3 year old though, so come quickly, it won't last long! As a side note on cleaning the toilet, when I was finished, the previously mentioned 3 year old said, "Thanks mom, for cleaning my toilet." I almost cried! Then she said, "Now go clean my bedroom, it's really messy!"
2 seconds of awesome parent moment over. Have a great day!

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